Cockfighting Training Efficiency

Cockfighting Training Efficiency – Chicken training is very much needed for fighting chickens who want to become fighting chickens with good strength and can become champion chickens.

The way to pick up the next Bangkok chicken is by means of the swing method. This swing practice also aims to be able to make the chicken’s stroke more precise and accurate, and has an effect on the opponent. And this swing practice can also improve the balance of the chicken in making a few strokes as well as in landing when the chicken is competing.

The best time to be able to physically train chickens by using this swing is in the late afternoon before evening. Because that’s when the chickens have started looking for a tengkrengan for them to sleep. You can also do this swing training style for your chicken for 15 to 20 minutes.

You also need to know, the effect of this swing exercise is also quite hard, because the leg muscles and the body of the chicken will definitely be formed. So, while the rooster is doing a swing exercise. And then the chicken doesn’t want to be shredded or smashed first.

Because if you have done that, your chickens will probably experience symptoms of urinary tenderness. And for how to preach chickens, it must be done at least one week apart. That is after the chicken will do the swing exercise.

The next exercise is the Abar method

This abar exercise is a way to groom the Bangkok chicken in the next way. There are two types of abar exercises. For example, the broth will be wrapped in a way from its beak. And also this new training in a way that no one will be wrapped in beak.

Basically, the functions of the two types of teaching exercises are almost the same. Because of these functions, both increase stamina, as well as strengthen the mentality of your chicken. And also increases the resistance of the opponent’s punch and can form some of the muscles of the chicken that has been diabar.

It’s just that, what makes it different is from training by wrapping the beak of the existing chicken which has more advantages for training without beak wrapping. The advantage of training with a beak wrap is that it can improve and also increase the technique of fighting the cock.

This can also happen because the chicken that will be wrapped in its beak will definitely be forced to fight and also to hit the opponent. Which in a way without holding or pecking his opponent.
The last way is by being physicaled by hand

The way to scrape the last chicken is by using your hand. Scrambling by using the hands basically divides into these 6 types of exercises. Namely from body training, as well as legs, wings, as well as push ups, jacks and up to the jack.

All of these exercises have various functions that lead to the physique as well as the technical pattern of the chicken. And the most appropriate time to be able to physically train the chicken by using the hands is in the morning. Because the time at that time is the time when the chicken is still very fresh and also the chicken’s energy is still full.

You can also collect in a gradual way. And on each of the six types of training up to the duration of the chicken. Which is about less than 5 minutes.…